Is your son or daughter about to reach their first year of life?  We all know how special their 1st year old Birthday party is: they might still be young, but it’s a great chance to stimulate all their senses . They experience the world that surrounds them through touch, smell, hearing, sight and specially biting all they can- Hence, this first Birthday party, will be perfect to ensure the growth of our children.


Since we’ve managed all kind of parties for kids of all ages, with our Children Entertainers, we wanted to make sure that you’ll get the best ideas for creating the best activities for a 1st year old Birthday party: it’s their day, and all parents want it to be perfect for their little precious ones.

How to celebrate the best 1st year old Birthday Party in Liverpool

– Your son/daughter, will need the presence of other kids. Invite friends from the nursery school, let them play, mumble between them interact with their own, because those will be the first bonds of friendship  they will have before passing to primary school.


Do not become pretty obsessive about your kid’s safety during the Birthday Party, be close, but do not prive them from enjoying being on their own, adventuring all along the party: give them a little dose of independence. Nowadays, parents worry more about taking pictures than letting their kids have fun in these parties and, as pressure is not good, do not overwhelm them making a whole album.


-Use colorful motives on their 1st year old Birthday party: attract their attention  with bright, intense and vivid colors with balloons, hats, furniture, and specially dedicate this same effort to the food. Wake their interest about things that might get them bored easily.


-Play with textures and the contrast between softness and hardness,of objects and presents which they can handle without any danger: bouncy toys or biting pieces whatever they can taste freely without any risks. You must not rely on technologies and devices, as it is an unnecessary generator of bad habits or future abuse / dependance on the new media: on the following link you will find some of the best presents for 1st year old kid. 


-It’s a good thing to pay special attention to music and atmosphere during this first Birthday party: it must be cheerful, but also calmed and paused, in order to have our children on an active attitude while naturally steady and receptive. Including activities related with sounds, from clapping to piano songs. For instance, to sing along with kids is also one of the best options.


-Relying on profesional entertainers is also a good point to take into account: at this age, the simpler the show it is the better results you’re going to get. We recommend you one of our bubble shows for 1st year old birthday parties in Liverpool, or also puppets and storytelling rather than magic, science shows which fit more on older kids birthday parties. Bubbles can be so stimulating at this age, exploding them with bare hands, blowing or holding, as much as a good Puppet show can also be because kids can stare for hours, enjoying one of the most entertaining options of our catalogue.


Thanks for reading this article, we hope you will put to work some of the ideas we gave to you, and of course that you are counting on Children Entertainers Liverpool and Aeiou Parties for celebrating and making us part of the very first and most special day of your dearly beloved.

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