Alice in Wonderland themed parties for kids have been doing a huge success among them in the last few years. In fact, this is one of the most beautiful themed parties I have ever seen! Now you can make your kids parties even greater hiring children’s party entertainers. They can appear dressed up like Alice in Wonderland, and kids will love them! You can also add to your party a fantastic magic show, counting with the presence of professional magicians. I am sure kids will have lots of fun! 

With the premiere of the new Disney movie “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, it is very natural that your children ask you to give Alice in Wonderland themed parties for kids. 

Therefore, we decided to give you some ideas for your party inspired by the characters of the movie, as the Cat, the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts and the Rabbit!

Alice in Wonderland themed parties for kids ideas

How to organise Alice in Wonderland themed parties for kids


For your party be splendid, we will give you ideas so that do not fail in a detail, from the invitations to the decor! Look!




Here you have many options. You can choose to buy invitations with Alice character, or with the clock, the letter, or multiple characters and elements of the story.

The most important is that they are appealing and beautiful invitations, and above all they need to be unique! Find beautiful and funny invitations at party stores for children.

Alice in Wonderland themed parties for kids decoration



With simple and inexpensive things you can give magnificent Alice in Wonderland themed parties for kids, even in your home. Buy balloons, banners, dolls, ornaments, and use things you have at home, such as clocks and cups of tea.

To the backdrop of the cake table, you can use a fabric with balloons, or a unique thing, as a rod with hanging cups!

Alice in Wonderland themed parties for children



The cakes can be a true work of art! Talk to your children and ask them what kind of cake model they like. They can bring various characters of the story, or just one. Can be drawn, or then placed on top of the cake. You can also opt for other elements such as cups or teapots, which were known by the Mad Hatter.

In short, the options never end, so it is best to get some ideas with the pastry to your Alice in Wonderland themed parties for kids cake, or if you want, search on the Internet beautiful designs to try to cook yourself at home.

Alice in Wonderland themed party for children



Why not also make art with candies? Try placing treats inside the toy cups of your daughter. Also, make decorative toppers. You can also find chocolates and cupcakes decorated with the characters of the story!




If you still have some money to spend, a good idea would be fabric pillows with the characters. The tiaras are also a good choice for girls. You can also opt for mugs, watches, or the traditional candies’ bags.


Don’t you think your party will be just lovely? I am sure that it will be a tremendous success! Please, let us know if you have any good idea to Alice in Wonderland themed parties for kids!

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