We are going to give you a Balloon Snake Tutorial for Kids Parties so you will make a huge success in your next kids party. There is no doubt that balloon modelling is one of the best activities to ensure your party entertainment, together with face painting, clowns, and of course, magicians! So, are you ready to give an unforgettable kids party? Let’s see some secrets of the best balloon makers and learn how to make a balloon snake! 

You can make a lovely balloon snake to offer your little guests in your party so they don’t need to be afraid of them! It’s an amazing balloon modelling to make in little children’s party and I am sure all of them will be delighted! So, let’s see our Balloon Snake Tutorial for Kids Parties.

Balloon Snake Tutorial for Kids Parties – Step by Step


You might think that is quite difficult to make this balloon snake, but the truth is that is quite simple! best Balloon Snake Tutorial for Kids Parties

To start this tutorial I need to recommend you some things. First of all, when you blow up your balloon (before you tie it), release a little bit of air so it becomes easier to handle. If you are a beginner in balloon modelling I recommend you to use soft balloons to train the sculptures.

Don’t forget to never blow the balloon up all the way or it will break. Also, hold the extremities of the balloon while you hang it to not untwist. One more thing before we start our Balloon Snake Tutorial for Kids Partieswhen you are twisting, do it 2 to 3 times to ensure it won’t untwist.

Now that I advertise you about the main topics, let’s see how you can make a balloon snake.

You will need:

  • green balloon
  • yellow balloon

How can you do this? Follow our Balloon Snake Tutorial for Kids Parties!

  1. Blow up the green balloon letting 2-3 fingers empty.
  2. On the knot, twist a ball with 2-3 fingers wide.
  3. Now, fold it with 5 to 6 fingers wide and twist again in the previous junction.
  4. Repeat the procedure of step 3 (you are making the snake’s mouth).
  5. Now, blow up the yellow balloon just a handbreadth. best Balloon Snake Tutorial Kids Parties
  6. Fold the blown part in a half and tie the extremities.
  7. Pass the empty part of the yellow balloon through the opening green balloon you did in step 3.
  8. Twist the blown part of the yellow balloon on the first junction you have made at step 2.
  9. Now you just need to model the rest of the green balloon to make it round.
  10. If you want to make it cute drawn the snake’s eyes on the yellow balloon and to finish it drawn two dots in the green balloon to make the nose of your sweet snake!

Don’t forget that the practice makes the perfection. It usual fail at the first time, but it gets better with the time. Did you like? Try our step by step and then tell us if our Balloon Snake Tutorial for Kids Parties went fine!

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