Is your baby close to celebrating the 3rd anniversary? Then you need to check our Birthday Party Games for 3-year-old Kids! In fact, there are not many differences between games for children from 2 to 4 years, so you can use them in the next birthday too! An excellent way to ensure your kids party entertainment is hiring some children’s party entertainers. They know exactly what you need, and this way you can also enjoy your party! 

Well, but if you really need some ideas for Birthday Party Games for 3-year-old Kids we are going to tell you the best ones! Are you ready for it?

Best Birthday Party Games for 3-year-old Kids Ideas! 

Birthday Party Games for 3-year-old Kids bubblesOne of the best Birthday Party Games for 3-year-old Kids is Blow bubbles!

Kids love BUBBLES, and younger they are, more like! So, blow some bubbles and see if they can pop them before they fall into the floor. You can make a competition and record how many bubbles each one can catch. You can also make a competition for older and see who can blow the bigger bubble!

And what about having some COLOUR? Cut large pieces of cardboard and write the name of each child in each. Arrange on a table, or on easels (if you have them) pencils, brushes, paints, crayons, and challenge them to make drawings taking into account the theme of the party.

Birthday Party Games for 3-year-old KidReserve some time for DANCING! There is not only one kid who doesn’t like to dance. Doesn’t matter how old they are, they simply adore spending some time dancing with all their body!

And what about Duck Duck Goose Game? Perhaps this is one of the best Birthday Party Games for 3-year-old Kids ever! The little ones love this game and I am sure you will have fun too! Are they ready to walk in circles? GOOSE!

Are you ready for LIMBO GAME? It is perfect, especially if you have 2 older kids. These are going to hold the limbo pole while the younger try to go under the limbo pole. Put some music to make it really fun!

Try TREASURE HUNTING GAMES. Do you imagine all the little ones trying to find some candies? You can hire them in the living room, in the garden, well, everywhere you wish. You can show them one sample of what you hid and then ask them to search for it all over the place. I am sure it will be really fun! 

You can use your imagination and try some variations of these games in your birthday party. You can use, for example, other names for Duck Duck Goose Game according to the theme of your party, and you can also try a run during your treasure hunt.

There is no limit to our games if you have some imagination to adapt them. So, are you ready for these Birthday Party Games for 3-year-old Kids? Then let us know how it goes!


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