There are many Birthday Party themes for boys in Liverpool and there is nothing more exciting than planning one. How to choose the best? Well, there is no right answers but we can give some good ideas to make it memorable. Take a look at this post and you certainly will find a good theme for your little one’s birthday party. 

Birthday Party themes for boys in Liverpool: Make it Unique!

Boys love to imagine and dream about huge adventures and great fightings against the evil and monsters and there is nothing better to give him a fantastic birthday party themed than make him feel like he was in an enchanted castle or a dangerous forest. Have a look at some ideas to make you party just perfect!


There are some special professions that boys long for, mostly those who make them some kind of heroes. If you want to inspire children, you must have into account these themes. Birthday Party themes for boys firefighter

  • FIREFIGHTER – Such a beautiful job, isn’t it? Boys consider firefighters as heroes that rescue animals and people who are in danger. Apart of it, they fight fire with strength, courage and bravery. You can decorate your house with red and yellow colours. There are many supplies to help you in this part (plates, cups, tablecloths, napkins, banners, and more). And what about Fire Hydrant Drink Dispenser and cupcake holder? Think about it!
  • POLICE OFFICER – All boys at least once in their lives want to be a policeman. And what about make their dreams come true? Plan Birthday Party themes for boys in Liverpool where the little ones feel like they are saving the world. A real fight against evil enchant all boys and there is nothing better than police officers to make it happens. Decorate your room with many blue shades. Apart from the usual supplies, you can buy some favours such as Police Party Notepads, Police Party Bouncing Balls, Police Party Tattoos or Handcuffs with Keys. Birthday Party themes for boys RAF
  • RAF (Real Air Force) – Those men are real heroes for most boys. So put a big plane in your entrance hall and use brown colour to decorate your house. You also have many party supplies to make your life a little bit easier.
  • FOOTBALL PLAYER – Mainly in European Countries football is the king of the sports and boys love it. Decorate your house according to the colours of your child’s football team. Apart all the supplies, I have said before you can display several footballs all over the place. If you have a garden, you can plan a real football game.


And what about cartoons? Do you know your kid’s favourite cartoon? So, what are you waiting for? Birthday Party themes boys

  • Guardians of the Galaxy – Use green and blue colours to decorate your house and you can buy several supplies to help you (tableware, accessories, candy buffet, favours, decorations, balloons and streamers). You can find them in stores for the purpose.
  • Ninja Turtles – A classic theme for birthday parties, mainly birthday party themes for boys in Liverpool. Apart every supply I have said before you can buy costumes for them to wear or just the coloured ribbon ninja turtles to put in their eyes.  Birthday Party theme for boys
  • Monsters – All boys love these characters. Decorate your house with blue and green colours, buy some Monster’s supplies like plates, cups, tablecloth, invitations, striped paper straws, birthday candles and so on.
  • Minions – The latest success among children (and between us, Minions also have enchanted us, right?). Decorate you house with yellow colour and buy many Minion’s supplies. You can also buy some Minion’s tattoos, bounce balls and Jelly bracelets.

You can hire some party packages too, like Clowns and Magicians that will make your party even better. Aeiou Kids Club offers you great services. Contact us and ask for more information!

Here you have a few options to make your party unforgettable but above all of it, you need to know your son interests to make your Birthday Party themes for boys in Liverpool perfect!

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