Looking for Clown sketches for children and adults? All kids love clowns, and they are great to ensure your party entertainment. If you are going to give a kids party, you can get some clowns, as well as magicians, face painters, and balloon modellers. Together they can make all your kids have lots of fun! Well, but if you don’t have enough budget to hire them all, look at some great clown sketches that all kids and adults love. 

So you can make the animation of your party, we selected the best Clown sketches for children and adults. Have a look at this post and find the best clowns skits that you have ever known!

Best Clown sketches for children and adults


Clowns have been around for many years, and during this time have arisen several sketches, entrés, and have even emerged new types of clowns, which have specific characteristics.

Many of the traditional sketches are known throughout the world, though with different names, but always telling the same story.best Clown sketches for children and adults

When it comes to these traditional sketches, as well, as they are already known, they lose a bit of fun that had initially and therefore has been trying to make adjustments so that we can surprise the audience that every day that passes it becomes more demanding.

That’s why we are going to present you the best Clown sketches for children and adults so you can surprise all your guests.


This sketch is just fantastic. The clown enters the stage, very well dressed and wearing a pair of white gloves. Before starting his show, he decides to remove the gloves.

He starts taking the first glove fingers, one finger at a time until you can remove all fingers from the first glove, which is pulled off the stage by an invisible thread that was tied to the glove.

When he begins to removing the fingers of the other glove, he realizes that the glove is a bit larger than was expecting, then he will pulling and pulling until a glove stack is on the ground.


Did you enjoy this sketch? I am sure all your guests will cry from laughing so hard! But wait. It is not finished yet! Take a look at other Clown sketches for children and adults!

Clown sketches children and adults

Leap Frog

To do this sketch you are going to need two clowns, so maybe it’s better to get a friend or family member who is willing to share the makeshift stage with you.

Now, the two clowns come on stage playing to leap frog. That is, one is lower and the other jumps over the other.

Suddenly, one realizes that the other clown is in position waiting for him to jump. So give that accomplice look to the public, like he is a very happy man, and gives a big kick in the other clown.

With the kick, the other clown rolls around the floor, gives a somersault, and begins to pursue his colleague.


Are not these sketches just great? If you know other Clown sketches for children and adults tell us. We will love to share them with the other readers!

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