Find here Engaging kids competitions and games to present in your kids party. I am sure that these competitions and games will be a success in your party or event. Hiring clowns is an excellent way to ensure your kids have lots of fun, but you have more options, such as magicians, face painters, balloon makers, as other entertainers. Take a look at some games and competitions that you can enjoy when you hire kids party entertainers for your children’s parties. 

Children are very active and curious, so you should always have Engaging kids competitions and games in your party. Keeping kids busy and entertained throughout the parties is not easy, but with these games, I am sure that your party will be a great success.

Engaging kids competitions and games: Make it unforgettable


The Engaging kids competitions and games that I’ll show now are appropriate for children ages 4 to 12 years. Obviously, children of other ages will not find much fun in these games. Remember that you always have to adapt activities to the ages of the children attending the party.

Engaging competitions games kids parties

Game of the mummy with toilet paper

This game is very easy to prepare. You must first divide the children into three or four teams elements.

Each team will have two rolls of toilet paper, and each team must choose a child to be the mummy. The idea is that the members of the team wrapping around the mummy quickly with toilet paper.

When you say “go”, the elements begin to wrap the mummy. When everybody is finished, you decide the winning team not only by how quickly they did, as for the perfection of the body completely covered.

Engaging competitions and games for kids

Treasure hunt with birthday cake

Use the birthday cake to make a game. Provide clues for children to run around the house in a real treasure hunt for the birthday cake.

You can divide into teams, or leave them all together. If you want to make a competition choose the first option, if you want to make a game, you can choose the second option.

In each clue, they find you can give them a treat to keep them interested in the game.

Remember that it is birthday cake, so you must hide it in a place where an adult can supervise.

best Engaging kids competitions and games

The face in whipped cream

One of the best Engaging kids competitions and games is this one. All you need is a plate for every kid with jelly beans (or some other sweet small and stiff) and whipped cream.

Put on each plate 10 sweets, and then top with whipped cream. Each boy will sit on their hands, or they can keep their hands behind their backs.

With the mouth, they have to find all 10 sweets that are on their plates. Win who find all the candies first.

Obviously this game mess a lot , so it’s good to provide an apron for each kid, or use those large garbage bags (cutting the top for them to put the head) to serve as protection for clothing. Do not forget to cover the floor with these garbage bags too.

Remember each child not to eat sweets when they find them 🙂


I am sure all kids will love these games. Hope you have a great party with these Engaging kids competitions and games. 

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