Our experts will throw some ideas on Halloween Face Painting for Kids Parties in Liverpool. Kids love trick-or-treat as much as we did and the preparation to go out that night is the most enjoyable moment (apart from the time when you eat all your sweets!) Make of this a family moment and enjoy the entertainment of face painting each other. 

Face Painting for Kids Parties

There are various kinds of face painting for kids parties out in the market. They range from organic non-allergy to famous affordable brands that can be bought online and delivered to your own home, like the ones our clowns for hire use in our AEIOU parties. Take into account that you need to:

Facepainting ghost1)Choose and sketch: Choose which character everyone wants and get the correct colors. Practice your sketch and traces on a piece of paper before you do it for real!

2) Keep it simple! : Don’t try designs which are too complicated to start with, little by little, you can become a master face painter!

3)Colour Mixture…: Always remember that colours can get mixed and change into something you don’t want! Be careful when mixing them or you will end up green instead of blue or yellow!

4) Have Fun! : Enjoy the fun of painting and being painted! Everything is more exciting if you work as a team. You can always contact us and we can help with a professional face painter!

Halloween face painting in Liverpool

You can do some easy halloween face painting in Liverpool designs with some simple colors and imagination!

facepainting easy ghostGhost:

1. Apply White first, all over the face. Avoid touching the black until later, so it doesnt get dirty.

2. Take your black paint and outline the hollow eyes, even nose or mouth.

3. You can highlight expression with a scar on the cheek!


halloween facepainting liverpool1. Go wild with green all over the face.

2. Mark the black spot on the nose or chin, and even some crazy hair down the sides

3. Use black or gray to outline the eyes and some wrinkles on forehead.

Find out more ideas in our London, Manchester or Birmingham websites. Enjoy the fun of this Halloween Face Painting for kids parties in Liverpool as a family, or get one of our incredible children’s party entertainers. AEIOU Parties!

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