AEIOU Kids Club has a fantastic Kids Party Catering in Liverpool to offer for your kids party or other events. We have kids party food boxes, and a special kids party food menu which includes birthday cakes, box lunches, finger buffet, toddler meals, candies, or even vegetarian food for kids and a teenager catering! Our kids’ party food in Liverpool is very healthy, and our catering suppliers are experts on it, so we have many options from babies to adults.

You can enjoy our kids party catering services in Liverpool whenever you want. We can cater many regions of Liverpool like Sefton, Knowsley, City of Liverpool, Haydock, St. Helens and even the neighboring City of Manchester! Do you need more info? Take a look at what we have to offer you! best Kids party catering in Liverpool


Choosing your Kids Party Catering in Liverpool can be very challenging. So we are going to help you. Take a look at some options you have at your disposal.


Kids party catering in Liverpool fruitsThis option is perfect to feed 4 adults or 8 kids. It is healthy, and everyone love this kids’ party food in Liverpool. It includes:

  • Cheese Selection
  • Ham Selection
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables + Dip


Kids party catering Liverpool - jellyOur Kids party food to order is perfect for every kind of event: from birthday parties to community and school parties, or even a wedding party! These boxes include:

  • Healthy Treat Selection
  • Bite Size Sandwich Selection
  • Cake/Chocolate/Jelly Selection


Kids party catering Liverpool - sandwichesOur party food boxes are the best option for your kids parties. They are carefully planned so all your guests will be delighted! Take a look at this option:

  • Bite Size Sandwich Selection
  • Healthy Treat Selection
  • Cake/Chocolate/Jelly Selection

This Kids party catering in Liverpool offers you more option than the medium meal boxes!


If you want a kids party food on a budget, you are in the perfect place. Our kids party Kids party catering Liverpool - healthy treatsfood menu is great and most important; it is healthy. Take a look at this one:

  • Hot Meat/Chicken/Fish/Veggie Options
  • Healthy Treats and Sides
  • Cake or Dessert Options


Kids party catering Liverpool - canapesOur children’s party catering was thought to please everyone. So we include fantastic canapes on it. Take a look at all these options:

  • Sweet and Savoury
  • Meat/Fish/Chicken/Veggie
  • Fruit and Vegetable Based
  • Gourmet Choices


Kids party catering in Liverpool - birthday cakesWe can deliver all the food for birthday party, including your birthday cake. As I told you, our kids party catering in Liverpool is just great, and everything is planned very carefully, so all your little ones are delighted.

  • Different Sizes and Flavours
  • Thematic Cakes
  • Cupcake Options available

We can deliver it at home or any other place you want. Do you still have any doubt about the quality of our kids party food in Liverpool? We have more surprises for you. Check:


We still have special kids party food to order. We know that every party is different from another, so we have all the extras that you need to make your kids party just amazing.

  • Waiter/Waitress (4 hours or more)Kids party catering in Liverpool - chefs
  • Chef (for hot meal options)
  • Goody Bags with delicious treats
  • Adult Food (Dossier)
  • Tea and Coffee Making Kit

Isn’t it a fabulous kids party catering in Liverpool?

Are you ready to get the fun started?


When you hire our kids party food to order, you must have in mind our Catering Hire Conditions:

  1. Delivery Charges may apply.
  2. All our kids party catering services in Liverpool need to be paid in full before the party date.
  3. If you hire hot food, tell us which facilities are available in your party venue.


Do you need some ideas to your kids party catering in Liverpool? Does your kids’ party include snack time? Here are some tips that can be very useful.

  • Most children do not eat too much at parties. They nibbling, so plan an entire meal is not a good option (unless your party is for teenagers, or if it has many adults).Kids party catering in Liverpool - colours
  • Letting your table coloured can be the secret to the success of your Kids party catering in Liverpool. Kids eat with their eyes first!
  • Make your food in small doses. Kids like little things. You can make mini sandwiches, mini hot dogs, mini burgers, fruit cut into small pieces, and so party catering
  • Disguise healthy food. You can include many vegetables and fruits on their menu. However, you must make the smallest do not perceive of their presence. How about making healthy smoothies?
  • Pay attention to potentially allergenic ingredients. Avoid nuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, seafood, and foods with gluten.


You can get our kids party catering services in Liverpool but also in Manchester, Birmingham and London. It’s a great way to surprise your guests with fantastic and healthy food. AEIOU Kids Club also has kids’ party entertainment packages and fabulous children’s party entertainers to make your party unforgettable!

Don’t wait any longer and hire our kids party catering services in Liverpool! You can also enjoy our fantastic party decoration and bouncy castles to make it even greater. Do you still have any doubts? Contact us for prices and further info and enjoy our Kids party catering in Liverpool!

What our Happy Costumers Say About Us

  • “Thank you for all your help in arranging the entertainer, Oli for our party on Sunday. She did an excellent job in entertaining the kids, and we were very happy. We will definitely recommend your company to our friends and family.”

    Elisabeth Mullins
    Loving Mum
  • “I would just like to say a huge thank you to you all from the very beginning of dealing with you guys for the party till the end. You guys have been very professional and helpful throughout the whole time from organizing till the day of the party. “

    Risha Evans
    Happy costumer
  • “I would like to thank the 2 entertainers, Anna and Kate, they were absolutely fantastic and gave the kids the best party, and the birthday girl felt very special by Elsa. “

    Steven Luevano
    Satisfied Dad
  • “I would just like to say that the party went fabulously. Olivia and Becky were both brilliant and I would recommend them to anyone. It really was great. “

    Kate Harris
    Loved Mum

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