Do you need help to plan your kids party? We have fantastic kids party food ideas to give you! Your kids party catering is very important, as your party decoration, your children’s party entertainment, entertainers, and so on. So, take a look at our ideas and ensure that your kids’ party is awesome! 

To make sure your children will love your party food, there are some secrets that we have to tell you. First of all try to make it small. Then, try to make it colourful. Kids eat first with their eyes, so make it beautiful! The best part is that you can cook healthy food that kids will be delighted!

 Healthy Kids Party Food Ideas

Take a look at some healthy kids party food ideas that we have to give you. First of all, let’s see salty snacks ideas! You can change those fried snacks by other quite healthy snacks. Here are some examples:

  • Hot dog on homemade bread;
  • Roll wrap (filling the pastry with white cheese or ricotta cheese, lettuce, tomato, carrot and wrap Then slice it. For the pieces not to unfold, secure with colourful toothpicks);healthy kids party food for kids
  • Stews, purees.
  • Meat snack on homemade bread;
  • Mini-pizza with cheese and tomato (opt for pasta made at home);
  • Bread with tomato pate with ricotta (fill with healthy alternatives);
  • Muffin cheese;
  • Homemade cheese bread;
  • Baked corn cut into small pieces with skewers;
  • Potato cooked with herbs or sauce (serve in colourful cups with a skewer).

Now, take a look at these kids party food ideas to your sweet snacks!

  • Sliced fruit (you may serve them chopped, washed and peeled or in ice cream baskets with syrup or yogurt, or in skewers – they love it!);
  • Fruit sorbets (knock two or three types of fruit to form a cream. Place in form or in plastic cups, stick the toothpick and freeze);
  • healthy kids party food kidsFruit Candy (jams and jellies fruit can be placed in coloured acrylic cups with small spoons);
  • Love Apple (replace the sugar syrup and dye for chestnuts, nuts, yogurt or even chocolate sprinkles);
  • Gelatin (replace candy cup by jellies They look great as decoration items);
  • Cornflour filled wafer ( fill with jam two biscuits cornstarch and make a sweet sandwich. To decorate, finish with ribbons).

So, you have already the food, but our kids party food ideas didn’t finish yet! And what about the party drinks?

Opt for fruit juices, immediately made before the party starts. Place it in jars or in large pots so your little guests can serve themselves. Remember that the nutrients in the fruits disappear with the time, so the ideal is to serve the juices freshly made. healthy kids party food kids fruit juice

You can also add to your party catering the traditional candies, but the important is that you have other healthy options so your little ones can enjoy some great food.

It is important they realize that the choice of the food is crucial to their health, but they also can eat (few times) those candies they love! Are you ready to serve these healthy kids party food ideas? Try it and let us know!


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