Prepare for Liverpool best shows for kids in summer! There are fantastic shows coming to town and you won’t want to miss even one. There is nothing better to ensure kids entertainment than beautiful shows. And it is even better if you can have them in your own kid’s party, such as science shows, clown shows, magic shows, and so on. Well, now it’s time to tell you the upcoming shows in Liverpool that you can enjoy in summer. 


Do you imagine how your little ones would love to watch a show from Frozen? Well, now you can start thinking about it. Take a look at all Liverpool best shows for kids in summer!


I am sure you already heard something about the Frozen movie. Kids fell in love with Anna, Elsa and Olaf, and I need to admit I fell in love too! This great show introduced by a live host will guide you through an interactive screening. You will use free prop bags, sing, and dance lots of moves with the help of your favourite Singalonga Princesses.

You are able to watch this great show on Tuesday 31st May 2016 at 15:30 in Southport Theatre, Southport and also on Wednesday 26th October 2016 in Empire.

There is no doubt that this show is one of the Liverpool best shows for kids in summer!


For the first time live, you will be presented with the ultimates arts and craft hero Mister Maker! A fabulous show, full of artistic adventures, and always interactive, with songs where you can participate. I must also mention that it will have a star cast!

You can watch this show at Pyramid and Parr Hall, Warrington, on Thursday 2nd Jun 2016 at 13:30. 


Is your child between 7 and 10 years old? So this is especially directed to you! A week of games, workshops, which are run by experienced workshops leaders . With this programme, the children work together to come up with their own rules and be able to choose the theme for the week and build their own performance, through games and theatrical improvisation. At the end of the week (Friday in the afternoon), the final performance will be presented!

You can enrol you kid at this one on Monday 1st to Wednesday 24th August 2016 at Everyman.

ANNIE 2016

Everyone knows Annie! In fact, this is one of the Liverpool best shows for kids in summer! Pilkington Musical Theatre Company presents Annie on Thursday 13th to Saturday 15th October 2016  at the Theatre Royal, St. Helens. The world’s favourite family musical is coming! Isn’t it awesome? Don’t miss Annie and enjoy a fabulous show!


Well, if Annie is a world success, what about the wizard of Oz? 2016 presents itself as a fantastic year for kids’ shows. You are able to watch this fantastic show on Saturday 22nd to Sunday 30th October 2016 at the Theatre Royal, St. Helens.

What are you thinking about these awesome shows? Aren’t they just awesome? I am sure you’re already excited with them! Don’t miss  these Liverpool best shows for kids in summer!

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