Don’t you know what to do with your kids this month? Have a look at some of the best Liverpool Events in March for Children here. And what about some magic entertainment? This can be a great way to get your kids entertained for hours and hours! Well, you can also choose some other entertainment… Maybe Frozen partyDisco party? The options are endless! 

What are the main Liverpool Events in March for Children this year? Do you know? Well don’t worry dear reader! We have two bombastic events happening in Liverpool this month that will be awesome for you and your children.

Best Liverpool Events in March for Children

Spring is coming, the sun gets stronger, flowers blossom and the trees get full of leaves and fruits. You can smell the amazing scent of roses and other flowers. It seems like everyone has more energy than before.

You probably note the same in yourself and your kids, more laughter and fun, more motivation to experiment different things. Now let’s talk about the two Liverpool Events in March for Children:

best liverpool events in March for children

Liverpool big Wheel

Well if you and your kids are fans of Carnivals and their awesome rides, we should tell you Liverpool has one of the biggest on earth.

It is 60 meters high and one of the main attractions on the city Waterfront. It is located nearby the Echo Arena and the City Convention Centre, making it easy for you to get there.

This gigantic wheel is composed by 42 capsules that are fully enclosed and even have air-condition.

Yes, air-condition! In it you can have a unique panoramic view of the city, the Welsh mountains, the majestic River Mersey and the one and only World Heritage Site waterfront.

Want more Liverpool Events in March for Children? Here we go!

liverpool event in march for children

The Liverpool Museum

Are you a museum enthusiast? Now you have a great opportunity to visit the Reel Stories exhibition in the Liverpool Museum. This one is happening until the September this year.

It is an exhibition celebrating the role of the City on movies for the past 60 years, and that’s why Liverpool is a filmmaker’s dream city.

It includes posters and memorabilia, portraying a history of stories in a unique and beautiful way, where Liverpool is part of the cast, per say.

This is why we included it in our Liverpool Events in March for Children List. It is a very good opportunity to explore your taste for cinema and for the city, travelling and exploring with your children who will not be disappointed.

You can even see the movies after with them. The fun with not end, continuing at home. Great!

If you have the chance give Liverpool a try in March and visit this beautiful city with your children, making it all about them. Keep in mind these are only two of the awesome Liverpool Events in March for Children. If you know some great others just let us know. We will happy to know about it! Enjoy!

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