You will surprise your kids making pumpkin candy faces for Halloween. Check in this post how to create some fabulous pumpkin candy faces for your Halloween party! Your kids will love them! If you want to have an unforgettable party you might like to hire some entertainers. They will bring fun entertainment packages, such as a magic show, or a science show. And what about a Frozen party for your upcoming birthday? 

Halloween is a time when children are euphoric. In fact, they are the whole year waiting anxiously for when they will go through the streets, knocking on doors and asking for trick or treat!

One of the things that mark the Halloween are the pumpkins. The decorations of pumpkins are every year more original. In fact, we can make as many drawings we like. We can do the traditional face and placing the candle inside, or we can choose to witches drawings, bats, vampires. Anyway, the options are almost endless.making pumpkin candy faces halloween

In this post, you will learn another option, and this one is perfect for little kids. In fact, making pumpkin candy faces for Halloween is a great idea to ensure kids love those pumpkins all around the house and street. Do you want to know how to make them? Have a look!

Making Pumpkin Candy Faces for Halloween – Step by step


Making pumpkin candy faces for Halloween can be truly fun! Do not you believe me? Check how to make some gorgeous pumpkins that will leave all your little guests delighted!

You are going to need some good and plenty, marshmallows (you can buy these miniatures, it’s better), gummy teeth, black twizzler licorice bites, Neapolitan licorice, and licorice wheels. You will also need ball pins, candy corn, glass canisters, a scissor and a small pumpkin.

Well, first you need to secure your candies to pumpkin using the ball pins matching the colour of the treats. This way they are not so noticeable.

If you want to have easier candy to snip and bend opt for chewy ones.

Now, place the pumpkin on glass canisters for candy.

The only thing you need to do is use your imagination to create the most different and original faces of all. With sure you can get fantastic combinations using these materials.making pumpkin candy faces for halloween step by step

Do not forget that children love different things, but also harmonious things, so be careful in choosing colours making pumpkin candy faces for Halloween. 

So, now you know how to make a great pumpkin for your Halloween party, start thinking about the decoration of your house and garden. You have plenty options to make it just beautiful and scary!

Hope you have a great time this year with your little ones, and I wish your kids get a lot of candies in their walk around the neighbourhood.

Do not forget to make a beautiful face paint on your child’s face. Surely the neighbours will love seeing them painted, and they also love riding so with different clothes and all made-up!

Hope you have enjoyed our step by step of making pumpkin candy faces for Halloween. Let us know your opinion!


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