Do you know the Most popular magic tricks for kids birthdays? We are going to tell you the best magic tricks that you can find in kids birthdays! To have them in your party, you must hire a great birthday party magician. The best way to get him is hiring a kids party planner. They can provide all your party entertainment, and they have the best entertainers working with them, such as magicians and clowns. Now, let’s see the most popular magic tricks for kids birthdays.

There are lots of magic tricks, some more directed to adults, others directed especially for children, but they all leave everyone speechless.

The difference between them has to do with hurting susceptibilities. For example, we will not take anyone’s head in no trick to present to the children, or put ourselves in a tank with water, chained, subjected to die!5 most popular magic tricks for kids birthdays

This is typical magic tricks for adults. For children, the situation changes a bit, which does not cease to be fabulous magic tricks!


5 Most popular magic tricks for kids birthdays


Now you know why we can not present the same magic tricks for adults and children, We will present you the 5 most popular magic tricks for kids birthdays.

Vanishing balls

The kids love this magic trick. And without a doubt, it’s great, because spectators can be near you without them noticing what you are doing.

Although this trick needs a lot of practice, it always gets the kids really surprised.

Make water appear and disappear in a magazine

This magic trick is simply fantastic, and it leaves children open-mouthed! This magic trick is very interesting because the magician turns into magic a magazine that makes disappear water!

popular magic tricks for kids birthdays

 Matchbox trick

This trick is easy to do, but always has a great impact on children who watch it! All children are excited to see the matches appear in the box that was empty!

How did they get there? Simply Magical!


Magic of floating water

This is one of the most popular magic tricks for kids birthdays, and it is easy to understand why!

Kids love water, which in itself is reason enough for them to worship it! However, this magic trick requires a lot of training and care, or may endanger the whole show. It is very important to be quick to turn the glass, and preferably use a thick glass of water.

Trick of the sliding napkin

Do this magic trick is very easy, and certainly is quite fun for all children who are watching the magic show. It is great for children’s birthday parties because it can be done during the meal! It’s a great way to capture immediately the attention of the little ones and adults too!

Did you like our selection of magic tricks? When you hire magicians for your children’s party, you will certainly have these tricks and many other magic tricks that will make your party the most spectacular of all time! I hope you have enjoyed our post and get now all these most popular magic tricks for kids birthdays!

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